A unique Venture Capital fund dedicated to Space

We focus exclusively on private companies involved in space & space-related businesses, investing in Europe in early stage ventures

A unique Venture Capital Fund dedicated to Space

We focus exclusively on private companies involved in space & space-related applications, investing in Europe in early stage ventures


Space is becoming a consumer-driven and high-volume industry, opening up exciting new business opportunities.

Access to Space has democratized, with the cost of access to space decreasing tenfold over the last 10 years. This cost is predicted to drop even further with volume production and new manufacturing techniques, new key technologies (new materials, miniaturization, reusable rockets, etc.) along with innovative business models. This recent dynamic in which the Space business has become accessible to private entrepreneurs is known as NewSpace.

The result is the emergence of breakthrough Space Tech startups determined to take up this new paradigm and address fundamental industry vertical challenges (ranging from insurance, finance, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, security, etc). As a result, this represents a great and rare opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.

Space answers more and more consumer needs. This exponentially growing demand for space-based solutions such as on-demand and real-time Earth observation, global seamless broadband and IoT or new products dedicated to positioning & navigation make space a highly relevant domain of disruption. The global Space industry is strongly stimulated through high levels of private funding (firstly driven by SpaceX in the 2000s) with more than $5.8B invested in startups in 2019. As mentioned in the last market study by Morgan Stanley, global Space market is expected to grow from $350B today up to more than $1000B in the next 20 years.

In this context, CNES has decided to launch a Venture Capital fund dedicated to space and selected Karista to manage it.

The objective is to invest in European startups, strengthen businesses, support visionary projects and create leaders of tomorrow.

With France being the most dynamic space country in Europe and a strategic place to start a European fund, the European environment is highly advantageous to innovative projects. Cosmicapital is designed to invest in companies active in NewSpace both directly (both upstream / hardware and downstream / software) and indirectly (companies in other industries using space technologies or data or wishing to penetrate the space market). In the latter case, the technologies involved include artificial intelligence, nanomaterials, robotics, cybersecurity, drones…

Billion Dollars invested

in startups in 2019

Billion Dollar market

by the 2040s
What makes us different 

CosmiCapital is managed by Karista, a leading management company specialized in early-stage Tech investments in France and Europe, and supported and sponsored by CNES, initiating a new era for private investment in the European space ecosystem.

Karista has been selected by CNES to manage the fund thanks to its strong and consistent performances over time. The company has demonstrated its ability to invest in the best opportunities and coach portfolio companies in their early development stages, building on a proven track record over the last 20 years. The team consists of highly qualified and true operational people from diverse & international backgrounds, with solid hands-on experiences and capabilities.

Moreover, CosmiCapital is the only Space Tech fund in Europe benefiting from a unique and exclusive partnership with CNES. The agency is a strategic support and sponsor of CosmiCapital providing unrivalled due diligence access, powerful networks and the most advanced technological resources. The fund will allocate its resources to projects enabling the rapid market penetration of technologies and/or services, ensuring significant value creation.

Investment Terms

Million euros fund size

€1 to €6m investment size

in 15 to 20 diversified breakthrough companies

Investment stage

Early Stage

Geographic focus


A diversified investment strategy

Launcher Manufacturing

– Small (reusable) launchers
– Advanced technologies used for rocket manufacturing (3D printing, new materials…)

Satellite Manufacturing

– Small satellite constellations for communications and Earth observation
– Satellite constellation supply chain

Systems & Technologies

– Satellite payloads & sub-systems
– Avionics, components, sensors
– Any Space Tech providing innovation to the value chain (miniaturization, collaborative processes, etc)

Ground Services

– Ground segments & operations
– Payload integration
– Space Debris mapping/mitigation
– Launch-related services and supply chain optimization

Data from Space

– On-demand real-time Earth observation (finance forecast, transport optimization, smart farming…)
– Global real-time broadband Internet & M2M communications
– New navigation & positioning services

Space-Related Businesses

– Artificial Intelligence
– Nanomaterials & smart materials
– Cybersecurity
– Smart manufacturing (robotics, 3D printing…)
– Space technologies for other industries (autonomous cars, drones, pharma…)

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